Tuesday, 26 October 2010

What if - My Tribute to John Lennon

What if
We lived in a world without war
Where there was no bloodshed
No fighting, near or far

What if
There we lived in a world with no hunger
All got what they needed
And we never ceased to be younger

What if
Every child grew up to be a hundred
Kept a smile on his face forever
And could see generations ahead

What if
There was no greed
No desire for more than is meant to be
Maybe then, the world wouldn’t bleed

Dear brothers and sisters
It’s within our reach
Let’s put down our swords
And, peace preach

Saturday, 31 July 2010

The Generation of Tomorrow

Oh mother, we have let you down
Disowned you, let you frown
We cut up your hair to build our homes
Gardens, and useless catacombs

We kill each other in front of your eyes
The blood, it comes up to our thighs
We destroy each other with big loud blasts
The effects of which will forever last

Lies your fate, in the hands of pollution
Your grand child, leader of your execution
Born of the mistakes we committed
Born with a gun, in his hand fitted

Dear mother, cast away your sorrow
For here are the generation of tomorrow
To kill your grandchild, re-kindle your life’s light

The generation that will make future bright