Monday, 2 September 2013


Have you ever come across an opportunity that you thought you were perfect for only to not land it? Have you seen it go to the least likely person just because he was better connected? So have I.
If there's anything in the world, anything at all, that makes my blood boil, it's nepotism. This undying plague that humanity carries around, letting it influence his each and every decision is appalling. The lack of respect a person has for the institutions he stands for is appalling. The right man should get the right job, yes? Then why is that almost never the case?
Sometimes I feel the communists got it right - a job for each man and every man with a job. You get placed into careers where you have no choice but at least your basic qualifications are what is used for selection and not your social standing. But we all know how that panned out for them. The ability of nepotism to crack an institution as strong as communism shows how deep rooted this desire to please our friends and family is!
India is a country famous for its corruption. It's one scandal after the other right now. But has anyone really analyzed the root cause of these scandals. Why is there corruption in the country? My personal opinion is that it can all be traced back to this disgusting practice of nepotism. It is but obvious that a person who's not fit for the job will not know how to do it properly; and when he does not know how to do his job, he will take to making as much money out of the deal before he's asked to leave.
So friends, Indians, countrymen, lend me your ears - if you want progress to happen in this country, stop - I repeat STOP - giving chances to people who don't deserve it only because you know them.

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

You are alive.

If you wake up each day with a smile
If to find beauty you can walk a mile
You are alive.

If melody can mesmerize you
If happiness is what defines you
You are alive.

If thoughts of tomorrow don’t haunt
If shadows of the past don’t taunt
You are alive.

If her eyes make your knees weak
If her smile makes the day less bleak
You are alive.

If you can let go of your fears
If you are not afraid of shedding tears
You are alive.

If you are who you want to be
Not who you should be
You are alive.

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

What if - My Tribute to John Lennon

What if
We lived in a world without war
Where there was no bloodshed
No fighting, near or far

What if
There we lived in a world with no hunger
All got what they needed
And we never ceased to be younger

What if
Every child grew up to be a hundred
Kept a smile on his face forever
And could see generations ahead

What if
There was no greed
No desire for more than is meant to be
Maybe then, the world wouldn’t bleed

Dear brothers and sisters
It’s within our reach
Let’s put down our swords
And, peace preach

Saturday, 31 July 2010

The Generation of Tomorrow

Oh mother, we have let you down
Disowned you, let you frown
We cut up your hair to build our homes
Gardens, and useless catacombs

We kill each other in front of your eyes
The blood, it comes up to our thighs
We destroy each other with big loud blasts
The effects of which will forever last

Lies your fate, in the hands of pollution
Your grand child, leader of your execution
Born of the mistakes we committed
Born with a gun, in his hand fitted

Dear mother, cast away your sorrow
For here are the generation of tomorrow
To kill your grandchild, re-kindle your life’s light

The generation that will make future bright